Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FCC Official Urges WCAI Conference Attendees to Weigh In on Issues

Bruce Gottlieb, chief counsel and senior legal adviser to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, was the opening keynote speaker at the WCAI’s Annual International Symposium at 4G World Sept. 15 in Chicago. Addressing WCAI members and others in the wireless broadband industry, he said in the converged communications landscape, the FCC needs input from a wide variety of parties in order to make the best decisions on wireless issues, according to TR Daily coverage. “The bottom line is simple: The FCC is not hearing from the growing universe of companies in wireless, and as the wireless world expands, so must the FCC’s thinking about wireless.” He compared WCAI conference participants with parties that filed comments in last year’s wireless competition proceeding, noting that most of the latter were carriers and trade organizations. He urged input from a variety of stakeholders, as the FCC works to craft a national broadband plan by a statutory deadline of next February, as well as in its wireless innovation, wireless competition, and consumer disclosure proceedings. He said “one focus of the Commission’s attention will be looking at spectrum availability, and considering ways to ensure that all spectrum bands are being put to their highest and best use.”

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