Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clearwire’s Barry West Keynotes WCAI’s International Operator Breakfast at Symposium

Barry West, President, International at WCAI member Clearwire kicked off the WCAI’s International Operator Breakfast as part of the WCAI’s International Symposium at 4G World last week. Organized by the WCAI’s Global Development Committee (GDC), the breakfast brought together wireless broadband service providers from around the world to discuss the future global expansion of 4G and the ways new and emerging technologies will transform our lives going forward. Addressing the operators, Mr. West delivered a spirited talk about WiMAX technology and said he was optimistic the company would be able to raise more money to complete the construction of a national network, according to TR Daily coverage. “I know there’s a lot of speculation about where WiMAX is and will it survive. Is it the Betamax of mobile broadband? I am telling you - we are past the tipping point,” Mr. West said. “Will LTE come along? Of course it will, but it’s not a case of, ‘Will it come along and crush WiMAX?’ WiMAX is here to stay.” Later, he predicted that WiMAX would grab “the lion’s share” of the 4G market.

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