Friday, September 26, 2008

FCC to Hold Broadband Policy Meeting at WCAI's Silicon Valley Symposium

The FCC announced today that the "Federal-State Joint Conference on Advanced Services will hold a meeting on broadband policy Thursday, November 6, 2008 at the Wireless Communications Association International's 14th Annual Symposium and Business Expo at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California." I couldn't be more excited to have the FCC broadband policy meeting at our event; and I couldn't imagine a more appropriate place for a broadband meeting than Silicon Valley, the home of modern computing.

The Joint-Conference is part of the FCC's ongoing efforts to ensure that advanced services are deployed as rapidly as possible to all Americans, a goal that WCAI shares. As the only broadband platform that is capable of providing access everywhere, all the time, wireless broadband is playing a significant role in providing competition and delivering broadband to rural and underserved areas. WCAI's Symposium serves as a forum for promoting the growth of wireless broadband, and the Joint-Conference serves as a forum for an ongoing dialogue between the FCC, state regulators, and local and regional entities regarding the deployment of advanced telecommunications capabilities. I welcome the Joint-Conference to our event in San Jose, and I look forward to meeting all of the members.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

WCAI is Going Green

I attended an event sponsored by the Wireless Innovation Alliance yesterday. Google cofounder Larry Page made an impassioned plea for the FCC to take action in the digital television white spaces proceeding. Representative Inslee spoke as well and expressed his view that wireless broadband will be important to reducing our carbon footprint. That's exactly what WCAI has been thinking.

Today our Engineering Committee created a new Green Technology Subcommittee to share information on green technology best practices for the wireless broadband industry. This is the most exciting thing WCAI has done since I've been here. Through the Green Technology Subcommittee, our members will be able to work together to achieve a sustainable future. As Engineering Committee Chairman Harry Perlow said, "Our children will inherit our environment, and our efforts to promote green technology will help ensure that they have a cleaner, safer future."

I'm very pleased that so many members of the Engineering Committee were ready to take part in this new effort. Sam Windsor from Prism Microwave quickly volunteered to chair the Committee, and was followed by new subcommittee members Jake MacLeod (Principle Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Fellow, Bechtel), Kellie Willey-Robinson (Prism Microwave), Chip Spann (Wireless Business Analyst, Connected Nation), Lawrence Behr (President and CEO, LBA Group), and Harry Perlow (Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Sprint Nextel). I look forward to great success with this distinguished group leading the way.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WCA Congratulates Aperto on New President and CEO

WCA Board member Aperto Networks announced yesterday that Brian Deutsch has been named as the company’s new President and CEO. WCA congratulates Aperto on adding Brian to the leadership team. As Aperto is expanding its presence around the globe, Brian’s experience and record of achievement in growing successful companies will help capitalize on the Aperto’s recent wins in Europe, Africa, Middle East and United States.

Monday, September 15, 2008

COFETEL Commissioner Rafael del Villar to Speak at Silicon Valley Symposium

I was delighted to learn that COFETEL Commissioner Rafael del Villar has agreed to participate in a global spectrum harmonization panel at the WCA's Silicon Valley Symposium. Dr. del Villar has been an exemplary advocate for innovative spectrum policies in Mexico, including harmonization of Mexico's spectrum allocations with those in other countries. I look forward to hearing his views on future efforts to harmonize spectrum allocations in Mexico with others worldwide.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Changing the World with Wireless Broadband

Welcome to our new blog - where you will find timely analysis of the latest happenings in the wireless broadband industry and new and exciting developments at the WCA. As we blog along, I'll draw upon my experience as a former Chief of the FCC's Wireless Bureau to examine current regulatory developments and new opportunities. We'll talk about WCA's regulatory initiatives and events, blog about our members' most recent exploits, and maybe post some interviews too.

Although fall is already fast approaching, this promises to be a thrilling year for WCA and the industry. By the time we meet at our Silicon Valley Symposium in November, Sprint Nextel will have launched WiMAX service in Baltimore. The United States will have elected a new President. And we'll be ready to announce WCA's new direction at the Symposium.

I couldn't be more excited by this opportunity to see the wireless broadband industry change the world. With its unique ability to provide broadband everywhere, all the time, next generation wireless networks are poised to transform our lives in ways we can't even imagine. WCA will remain a significant voice in this transformation as we help shape the future of wireless communications.

We invite you to join the discussion and share your views and experiences with the rest of the industry by posting your comments. We'll be back every week with new updates, so stay tuned!