Monday, August 23, 2010

WCAI to Hold a Webinar on Creating a New IPR Model to Speed the Proliferation of 4G

With the introduction of 4G, the first true packet-switched wireless technology, the possibility of a truly ubiquitous wireless protocol becomes possible. In addition to consumer broadband services, opportunities range from smart grid utility meters to medical monitoring equipment to law enforcement - the scope of applications that 4G offers extends far beyond the traditional limitations of previous wireless 3G technology.

But if that’s the case, why haven’t we seen more of these applications? The answer is – the risks and costs associated with IPR litigation. The currently unsettled state of Intellectual Property Rights for 4G has made a lot of vendors nervous about the costs and litigation risks of incorporating this revolutionary technology into their products and services.

WCAI will hold a webinar on Aug. 25 at 11 am ET to clarify the problems as they stand now, the industry’s efforts to resolve them and the potential for dramatic change that 4G represents for consumer electronics everywhere. The webinar will feature Yung Hahn, president of the Open Patent Alliance, and Jean-Michel Bourdon, president of Via Licensing. Register Now!