Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WCAI Honors Jim Schlichting, Lee Sparkman, Kelley Dunne at Symposium

WCAI honored three industry visionaries with its annual awards at the Wireless Operator Dinner Sept. 15 held as part of the WCAI’s Annual International Symposium at 4G World. Jim Schlichting, Senior Deputy Chief of the FCC’s Wireless Bureau, was presented with the Government Leadership Award; Lee Sparkman, President of Enforta (Russia) with the Industry Service Award; and Kelley Dunne, CEO of DigitalBridge, with the Innovation Achievement Award. “We at WCAI are delighted to recognize the achievements of Jim Schlichting, Lee Sparkman and Kelley Dunne,” said WCAI President & CEO Fred Campbell. “Throughout their distinguished careers, they contributed to the growth and prosperity of the wireless broadband industry. On behalf of the WCAI, I want to thank them for their hard work and congratulate on winning the WCAI’s annual awards.”

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