Thursday, September 25, 2008

WCAI is Going Green

I attended an event sponsored by the Wireless Innovation Alliance yesterday. Google cofounder Larry Page made an impassioned plea for the FCC to take action in the digital television white spaces proceeding. Representative Inslee spoke as well and expressed his view that wireless broadband will be important to reducing our carbon footprint. That's exactly what WCAI has been thinking.

Today our Engineering Committee created a new Green Technology Subcommittee to share information on green technology best practices for the wireless broadband industry. This is the most exciting thing WCAI has done since I've been here. Through the Green Technology Subcommittee, our members will be able to work together to achieve a sustainable future. As Engineering Committee Chairman Harry Perlow said, "Our children will inherit our environment, and our efforts to promote green technology will help ensure that they have a cleaner, safer future."

I'm very pleased that so many members of the Engineering Committee were ready to take part in this new effort. Sam Windsor from Prism Microwave quickly volunteered to chair the Committee, and was followed by new subcommittee members Jake MacLeod (Principle Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Fellow, Bechtel), Kellie Willey-Robinson (Prism Microwave), Chip Spann (Wireless Business Analyst, Connected Nation), Lawrence Behr (President and CEO, LBA Group), and Harry Perlow (Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Sprint Nextel). I look forward to great success with this distinguished group leading the way.

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