Monday, November 28, 2011

The FCC's New Connect America and Mobility Funds: What They Mean for You

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The FCC's new $4.5 billion Connect America Fund reforms the decades-old Universal Service Fund to promote modernization of the nation's communications infrastructure and bring broadband Internet services to millions of people who currently don't have access. Its Mobility Fund will assure that next generation mobile broadband services are more widely available in unserved rural portions of the US. In addition, the Order's sweeping reforms of the intercarrier compensation regime will affect both traditional carriers and providers of interconnected VoIP service.

WCAI will hold a webinar at 2:30pm ET on Dec. 13 to discuss these new developments and what they mean to WCAI's constituency. WCAI Counsel Paul Sinderbrand will moderate a discussion by Russ Hanser and Chuck Keller, former FCC staffers who are now partners at Wilkinson Barker, Knauer, LLP. The webinar - "The FCC's New Connect America and Mobility Funds: What They Mean for You" - is free of charge and open to all. Register Now!

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