Friday, July 22, 2011

Wireless Jobs

Do Wireless Jobs Really Vanish?

By Fred Campbell, President and CEO, WCAI

While we appreciate the analysis attempted in the July 18 Wall Street Journal story, “Wireless Jobs Vanish,” the article fails to accurately capture the entire snapshot of the wireless communications sector. The premise that jobs created by the wireless industry are contracting is false; in fact it is quite the opposite.

The wireless industry has been the catalyst for job growth throughout the communications sector, where networks are the central hub to a multi-faceted ecosystem. The broader wireless industry continues to expand and add jobs, including application and software developers, content providers, infrastructure companies, and equipment and device manufacturers. According to a recent study, Silicon Valley tech employers expect a 15 percent bump in hiring in the next two years, which incorporates mobile technology.

To sustain the explosive wireless demand America is experiencing (think apps, video, live streaming, etc.), wireless providers continue to invest in network upgrades and infrastructure development. Meanwhile, the federal government is working on a proposal to free additional spectrum to enable continued growth in mobility and further fuel innovation. This all translates to jobs - from constructing next-generation, 4G LTE wireless networks spanning the country to start-ups developing the latest in wireless tools and applications.

Whether the employment data in the article is accurate or not, one thing for certain is that it only presents a limited view of the wireless ecosystem, since it only recognizes employment within the wireless operator category. Demand, innovation and growth within the ecosystem is exploding, and what is clear is that the wireless communications industry and investment in mobile broadband across the nation will remain one of the primary drivers of job creation and economic recovery in our country.

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