Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Agreement with Ericsson

Author: Clearwire

We just announced that Ericsson, the industry leader in managed services, will manage the day-to-day operations of the Clearwire 4G network. The seven-year, managed services partnership will allow Ericsson to implement their proven global best practices in network management while allowing Clearwire to focus on increasing operational efficiencies and reducing operating costs.

So what does this mean for the folks that built the nation’s first 4G network? We’re happy to report that approximately 700 Clearwire employees are expected to begin performing their network functions as Ericsson employees in locations around the United States before the middle of this year. This also means that network performance isn’t going to suffer because the work we’re seamlessly transitioning to Ericsson will still be performed by the same skilled and talented network employees who perform the work today.

What about our customers, you say? As we just mentioned network performance won’t be an issue so they’ll still have the same great 4G experience. But also, customers will see no change in their interactions with Clearwire because we will remain the priority point of contact. (The same is true for our wholesale partners and vendors.)

As for the significance of this anouncement? We want to direct your attention to a third-party perspective that we found to be quite profound.

“This managed services partnership is the next logical step for both Clearwire and Ericsson, one that will have significant near -term and long-term benefits for Clearwire’s employees, customers, retail distributors and investors,” observed Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant with Heavy Reading. “It also represents Ericsson’s second managed services contract in the U.S., building on the Network Advantage agreement that has already delivered major operational and economic benefits for Sprint.”

In short, while we have entered into an agreement with a company whose core competency is network excellence, Clearwire will continue to own our 4G network and remain responsible for network design, network strategy, vendor selection and long-term investment decisions. Our network is still ours – Ericsson is just managing it – allowing us to streamline the business and deliver a high-quality mobile broadband experience to our customers.

Reprinted from the Clearwire blog.

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