Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clearwire and Sprint (peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots…you get the idea)

By Clearwire

We’re pretty proud of the Sprint and Clearwire match – it’s a partnership that’s been one of the most productive in the U.S. wireless market to date. Together we’ve deployed the first true 4G network in North America and made 4G a household word. So, we’re happy to report that this partnership continues with an updated long-term wholesale agreement between Clearwire and Sprint.

There are a number of details that you can read about here, but the really big news for Clearwire is that Sprint will commit a minimum of $1 billion in cash to Clearwire for 4G wholesale services. This money will be used to support Clearwire’s ongoing operations, and it underscores the interdependent and strategic relationship we have with Sprint.

Our all IP-network is Sprint’s 4G network. (It’s also the same 4G network used by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Best Buy, Cbeyond, Mitel, and Locus Telecommunications to offer mobile broadband to their customers.) Our unmatched spectrum provides Sprint with a strategic advantage in terms of network capacity. As data usage rises, the need for a rich spectrum portfolio will become even more acute.

With the only 4G wholesale network in the country, coverage for more than 120 million people, and a growing customer and revenue base, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Sprint to deliver outstanding 4G service.

This article is reprinted from the Clearwire blog.

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