Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WCAI Applauds FCC Steps to Encourage Innovation and Promote Efficiency in Spectrum Use

WCAI applauds the steps the FCC took today to encourage wireless broadband deployment and promote innovation and efficiency in spectrum use in the United States.

At an open meeting, the FCC voted on three spectrum items: (1) an NPRM regarding using UHF and VHF TV bands for mobile broadband; (2) an NPRM proposing to make the FCC's experimental licensing rules more flexible to encourage innovation; and (3) a NOI seeking to enable more effective spectrum management through dynamic spectrum use technologies.

WCAI supports the Commission’s efforts to make more spectrum available for wireless broadband by considering rules to enable mobile broadband use within spectrum currently reserved for TV broadcasters. The proposal is a critical step toward the implementation of the National Broadband Plan and underscores the importance of facilitating the most efficient use of this scarce recourse for the benefit of the industry and consumers alike.

WCAI also appreciates the FCC proposals to make the agency’s experimental licensing rules more flexible and accelerate opportunistic use of underdeveloped licensed and unlicensed spectrum through dynamic spectrum use technologies. However, the Commission should remain vigilant in protecting existing spectrum users from harmful interference.

We look forward to working with the FCC to unleash more spectrum for wireless broadband and enable the growth of next-generation wireless technologies for the benefit of consumers.

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