Monday, October 18, 2010

WCAI Kicks Off Symposium @ 4G World with 3.65 GHz Channel Plan Announcement

WCAI kicked off its annual International Symposium @ 4G World today with the announcement of a significant step toward unlocking the potential of the 3.65 GHz band. The announcement came at the day-long 3.65 GHz Summit that WCAI is holding today to examine the remaining technical and regulatory challenges facing the band, look at the business models that proved successful and discuss the ways to maximize return on investment.

After months of tireless work and multiple iterations, the WCAI's 3.65 GHz Working Group today adopted and released the 3.65 GHz Channel Plan to minimize harmful interference among operators in the band. The plan is part of the 3.65 GHz Best Practices that the Working Group has been developing since it launched last November. It is the result of collaboration among leading 3.65 GHz vendors and operators both in the U.S. and abroad.

"We feel that this channel plan is an example of the type of work that can be accomplished through collective efforts and within the WCAI to facilitate future commercial successes in the band," said Jason Lazar of KeyOn Communications, who chairs the WCAI 3.65 GHz Working Group.

Still ahead are three days filled with valuable content and numerous networking opportunities. Those who are interested in learning about key regulatory issues, investment strategies and wireless broadband network deployments in one of the world's fastest-growing markets -- Latin America -- should not miss the L@Net Summit WCAI will host tomorrow, Oct. 19. Also tomorrow, WCAI will honor some of the best minds in the industry with annual awards and host an operator discussion on building a business case for WiMAX and LTE in the TDD spectrum at the WCAI's Annual Networking Dinner. The third and final day of the Symposium will feature the FCC keynote address, followed by the WCAI Broadband and Wireless Policy Summit.

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