Monday, July 19, 2010

Missed the WCAI Summer Summit This Year? Check Out the Highlights on YouTube!

WCAI posted several videos online highlighting some of the major presentations from our recent Summer Summit. Visit the WCAI page on YouTube to hear Clearwire Executive Vice President Gerry Salemme discuss Clearwire's 4G deployment plans, the types of devices he expects to be most popular with 4G networks, data consumption issues, Clearwire's retail and wholesale presence in the 4G marketplace, and the FCC National Broadband Plan. You will also see Bill Payne, VP & Chief Technology Officer at Motorola Networks, speak about major WiMAX migration paths for operators to consider in 2010 and beyond, and Phoebe Yang, General Counsel, Omnibus Broadband Initiative at the FCC, discuss innovation and opportunities presented by the National Broadband Plan. Watch Videos Now!

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