Thursday, February 18, 2010

ALTIUS Builds Wireless Testing Lab

By Jim Connor, President, ALTIUS Communications

ALTIUS Communications, a WCAI member, is pleased to announce a new, innovative service that enables real-time testing of equipment for evaluation purposes. A tower site has been built within half mile of ALTIUS' headquarters in Maryland and features Motorola Canopy, Alvarion, and Redline equipment. We expect soon to have Base Station gear from Huawei and Purewave also available for trial and testing. Customers can use the service to determine which equipment best meets their needs as well as test general equipment features.

The tower features the following equipment for testing:
  • Motorola 2.4 GHz Advantage AP
  • Motorola 5.7 GHz ADVANTAGE AP - Connectorized with a 120-degree Sector Panel Antenna
  • Motorola 900 MHz Connectorized AP with Horizontal Omni antenna
  • Motorola CMM with GPS
  • Alvarion 5.7 and 5.3 VL Equipment
  • Redline 3.65 GHz WiMAX base station
The below list of equipment is scheduled for completion during the first quarter of 2010:
  • Motorola 3.65 GHz Base Station
  • Huawei 2.5 GHz Base Station and EMS Network
  • Purewave 3.65 GHz Base Station

ALTIUS has several varieties of subscriber units available for on-site testing. We feel that this service is yet another important tool we offer our customers in helping them decide which technology is right for them. We are constantly striving to find new ways to enhance our value-add to the customer experience and remain their number one choice for equipment.

Please give us a call and set up your time to "drive test - before you buy!" Call our office at 410-667-1638 for more information or email us at

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