Monday, November 16, 2009

WCAI to Host a Webinar on Unlocking the Potential of the 3.65 GHz Band

WCAI will host a webinar at 1 pm ET on Wednesday, Nov. 18 to examine the challenges facing the 3.65 GHz band in the United States and discuss the ways to unlock the band’s potential.

The 3.65 GHz band presents a unique opportunity to operators in the United States to expand their coverage to new markets and improve the economics and performance of their networks. Over 800 operators nationwide have applied for or received a license to operate in these lightly licensed frequencies since they were made available by the FCC in 2005. However, the band has still not reached a critical mass of deployment and harbors significant potential for growth.

Join the WCAI webinar and find out how you can maximize your return on investment in the 3.65 GHz band and unlock the band's potential by addressing its remaining regulatory and technical challenges. The webinar is open to all and is free of charge. For more information or to register, please visit the WCAI’s 3.65 GHz Webinar Registration Page.

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