Thursday, July 30, 2009

WCAI Urges FCC to Help Develop Alternative Solutions to Jamming

WCAI submitted a letter to the FCC today, saying the Commission lacks authority to authorize jamming equipment and asking the agency to dismiss the petition for rulemaking of the South Carolina Department of Corrections. Instead, we said, the FCC should to step in and work with correctional institutions, the industry and others to develop alternative solutions to jamming.

“With its vast communications experience and ability to act as an intermediary among industry and government entities, the Commission is in the best position to facilitate the development of alternative solutions to the use of contraband mobile devices in correctional institutions,” the letter said. “The wireless industry has pledged to assist in this effort and believes that cell detection, managed access… or other similar technical options may provide an ideal solution: one that solves the contraband problem without causing harmful interference to legitimate wireless communications.”

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