Monday, June 15, 2009

WCAI Files Comments on CMRS Market Competition

Today WCAI submitted comments with the FCC urging the Commission to use more granularity regarding networks operating in unlicensed and “hybrid” (3.65 GHz) spectrum bands when analyzing effective competition in the CMRS market for its annual report. “Coverage maps depicting unlicensed network deployment are essential to understanding wireless deployment and informing the spectrum allocation debate that is currently occurring in the context of the national broadband plan proceeding,” the filing said. “With increasing convergence between licensed and unlicensed networks, and calls for even more unlicensed spectrum allocations, now is the time for the Commission to include such data in the CMRS Competition Report.” WCAI also urged FCC to make significantly more spectrum available for mobile broadband use. The limited amount of 425 MHz available today for mobile broadband would not support even three mobile broadband service providers using 150 MHz of spectrum each to adequately meet consumer needs. Finally, WCAI said the Commission should attempt to quantify the degree to which mobile broadband may be a substitute for wireline broadband to understand whether consumer preference for mobility is affecting intermodal broadband competition.

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