Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LightSquared Standoff: Technology, Not Politics

Karl Rove recently weighed in on the dispute between LightSquared and the GPS community, reiterating LightSquared’s claim that GPS is “poaching” off of LightSquared spectrum. The problem is that GPS was there first.

LightSquared was granted a conditional FCC waiver to use its spectrum terrestrially only if it caused no interference with nearby spectrum. LightSquared acknowledged potential interference problems by offering to not use the channels nearest to GPS devices and lowering the power output that was initially going to be used for their signal. However, the results of extensive testing with participation by all parties demonstrated that engineering solutions would not eliminate the potential for harmful interference.

There is no evidence the Government wanted LightSquared to fail. But it does want GPS to succeed. National security and public safety depend on it.

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